ShelbyGTBlack Rear Qtr

With the holidays bearing down on us like a tacky decoration-filled asteroid, it’s time to start checking a few items off our shopping lists…or at least, to buy ourselves an amazing model car to take into our soundproof bunker and admire until we come up for fresh air after the new year begins. At Carriage House Models, we’re kicking off the season with a fall sale on Autoart models, with special discounts on a selection of 1:18- and 1:43-scale cars from one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality diecast. The black beauty pictured above is Autoart’s 2007 Ford Mustang Shelby GT in 1:18 scale. Regularly priced at $109, we’re offering this new take on the classic ponycar for only $69.

AA Espada Pass IntIf exotic cars are more your style, check out Autoart’s Lamborghini Espada S2, also in 1:18 scale. Often overshadowed by its mid-engined supercar brothers, the Miura and the Countach, the Espada finally seems to be getting the recognition it deserves as a handsome, slightly offbeat way to carry four passengers in style at 155 miles per hour. Regularly $109, during our fall Autoart event we’re offering the Espada for only $89.

C63frontqtrBlackFor fans of contemporary Euro-muscle, we offer the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG in 1:18 scale. Elegantly finished in satiny black and featuring genuine leather upholstery, the C63 exudes a subtle menace…think of it as the Liam Neeson of your model car collection. Regularly priced at $150, the Autoart C63 AMG is now available for $135 (and by the way, all orders over $99 from Carriage House Models qualify for free shipping within the 48 contiguous states.)


AA43 Gallardo RQ
For enthusiasts with lighter appetites, we offer the 1:43-scale 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera, normally $35, now $25. Not pictured but equally awesome, we also have the 2005 Ford Mustang GT in fire red metallic; regularly $35, a special buy from Autoart allows us to offer the Mustang for only $19.

To take advantage of any of our special fall Autoart offers, please visit and click on the “Sale” tab.



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