Ignition Fairlady

Japanese classics are perhaps the hottest segment of the collector car hobby at the moment, with several rare and desirable models having sold for over a quarter of a million dollars at auction recently (and with the Toyota 2000GT routinely trading hands around $1 million over the past few years.) It’s no surprise, then, that this surge in popularity would be reflected in the model car world, with model makers from Autoart to Kyosho giving a wide range of vintage Japanese iron its moment in the sun.

Perhaps no company is producing finer scale model Japanese classics than Ignition Models, who make limited runs of resin-cast “Nostalgics” in 1:18 and 1:43 scale. Ignition scores on three counts: 1) their level of detail, especially in fashioning delicate trim pieces, is excellent, 2) they offer a deep selection of subjects, from popular favorites like the Nissan Skyline to more unusual choices such as the Toyota Soarer and Mitsubishi Pajero, and 3) rather than sticking to factory-stock cars, Ignition dresses their models in tasteful “JDM” modifications like riveted fender flares and aftermarket rims, the latter being so accurate that they require separate licenses from the wheel manufacturers to replicate!

ignition hako 118

For 2015, Ignition will produce several variations of the Nissan Fairlady Z and Skyline “hakosuka” in 1:18 scale. The Z pictured at the top of the post is scheduled for release in July, while the Skyline GT-R above will follow in August. We anticipate even more Ignition models in the months to follow, including a 1:18-scale Toyota Soarer, and a 1:43-scale Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo (Z32.) Pricing for 1:18-scale cars is expected to be $210, and $160 for 1:43. Carriage House Models is proud to be one of very few U.S. retailers to carry these rare and beautifully crafted models, and based on past releases we expect each new release to sell out almost immediately.

Please visit for availability updates.


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